Saturday, February 11, 2012

Freedom & Puppy Love - 2 new Layouts

I scrapped a couple of my favorite photos. Oh, wait! They are all my favorites ;)

It's been a pretty good week here. I had a treatment on Tuesday and trust me when I tell you that the second week in february is absolutely, positively, without a doubt short on pictures.

Jacob started TaeKwonDo today with Master Kim. He loved it! He loved his uniform! He made a  new friend too. I am so proud of him - he paid close attention, did everything Master Kim asked and jumped right in with the kids that have been doing this a while. He is proud of himself and said it was one of his favorite days ever! Love that. Love that I have some photos too. Yay!

I will be changing the Cover page for this book. I do like what I have done though I have something in my head that I'd rather create.... and so it shall be!

I've been thinking how many pages can be printed in 1 book? I'll have a gigantic book if I am doing 2 a week x 4 = 8 which is 8x12=96. 96 pages. woe! I know I will love it. I'm just wondering if there is a company that will print a book that thick. AND I have already added an extra page and am certain I'll be doing more of that. Isn't it nice to read me thinking aloud?

Here's the layouts I did today and yesterday.

My sweet niece, Ruby and her puppy love ;)
Cousins - United in Love - During the Freedom Rider's Parade. Love you!

Peace & Scrappiness!,

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